Progetti per guidovie

Plant design for the food industry

Each Tecsal system is designed and made according to the characteristics of the product and the customers’ needs.
We are always ready to develop our solutions following your indications about the type of production and the building available.

Among the advantages of our overhead rail systems we can mention:


High Load Capacity

The mechanical characteristics make the structure stable, ideal for withstanding high loads.


Easy Installation

A quick assembly system has been designed to achieve a time-saving installation.



The sections and components are combined with a multipurpose fixing system to satisfy the space in cold storage rooms of any type and size.


Convenient Solutions

A variety of sections and components allows for easy additions and modifications to the original structure.

All our equipment complies with European requirements on materials in contact with food.


Customized design

The design phase is a very delicate phase and it is essential to have a precious attention for all the components.

Being a market in continuous growth and therefore requiring the realization of complex projects, in this phase our technical office works closely with the professionals who deal with the premises and the building, so as to always be aligned with the progress of the work and be sure that the final product responds perfectly to requests and needs.

Our systems guarantee a very wide possibility of customizing the layout and the individual components of the system.


Customized equipment and solutions

The continuous research and experience gained in a long-term presence on the market make our projects accurate from a technical point of view and perfect for the customers’ needs, because they are developed in close contact with the technical department.

Tecsal boasts the experience of a whole life dedicated to the sector, that’s why our philosophy is based on attention to detail and maximum attention to clients, with a strong motivation that has always pushed us towards excellence.

The machinery, in addition to being customizable to meet any operational need, are designed and built in compliance with the most up-to-date hygiene and health regulations and safety at work. What do we offer?

Tailor-made solutions

The systems are entirely customized: the individual solutions are designed to obtain the best optimization of the space in the cold rooms and to meet the customers’ needs, thus satisfying any need for space with the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

100% Made in Italy know-how

The “Made in Italy” is worldwide synonymous with quality and reliability. Our 100% made in Italy systems revolutionized the concept of hams, bacon, salami, meat and various cold cuts transport in specialized industries. Our commitment to respond to customers’ needs and our constant research for renewal have led to a continuous improvement of the technical, aesthetic and quality level of our equipment.