Guidovia aerea


Tecsal is specialized in the design, creation and installation of aluminum overhead rails system, stainless-steel rails and sliding units and moving of frames and hanging racks throughout the production process in food and meat industry.

A careful and meticulous design, an in-depth knowledge of the production processes, the reliability of the technologies and the quality of the materials used supported by direct and constant technical assistance: these are the strengths of Tecsal, a leader in the market and ideal partner of the most important national and international food industries.


Custom-designed systems

Our company has always offered innovative solutions for the handling of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the in the food sector, aimed at ham factories, delicatessens, meat and cold cuts industries. We put our experience in plant design and installation for customers’ needs, always looking for technological innovation to respond to companies’ requests with functional, customized and tailored systems that meet the highest expectations of efficiency and quality.

Progetti per guidovie
Progetti made in italy

An optimal design of industrial plants starts with a careful analysis, together with the customer, of the spaces and materials to be used, so as to be able to create an optimal implant for production and with a certain flexibility in the production lines.

In the design phase, all the critical details of the system and the appropriate attention to the type of final application are studied.

Tecsal is also strong in a continuous research of technological innovation, which is why we also offer various automation systems aimed at reducing or eliminating constant labor interventions, and standardizing production processes, reducing costs.


Tecsal in the world

We work with big food companies all over the world, exporting our experience to always provide the most suitable systems for the different processing, production and seasoning needs.